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Pay as you go driving lessons and Intensive/crash courses, to suit everyone...

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Driver Development

All Drivers can benefit from a Driver Development Course, Refresh your already learned skills or develop new skills...

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Professional Driving Courses

Looking to change your career?, Taxi Driver & Driving Instructor courses are available...

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Advanced Driving

Advanced drivers are mindful of others, more observant and better at anticipating changes within their surrounding conditions.

Free Online Theory Support

All Students will recieve 3 months free online theory support from their driving instructor while they learn to drive. The online theory training is unlimited and provided by Driving Test Success. We are able to view your progress as you learn and support you where you require help. Theres no need to download apps or buy software as Driving Test Success Anytime is online, you can access when you like and from where you like. The service is available via Mobile, Tablet, Windows and IOS.

Your driving instructor will supply you login details on your first driving lesson.

Our Promise

Navigator Driving School, Tuition Vehicle

Here at Navigator Driving school, our aim is to give clients skills for life, not just to pass your test. Your driving instructors approach will allow you to achieve your potential by allowing you to develop at a pace thats right for you. We will allow you time to reflect on your driving lessons and not pressurise you into a subject you are not comfortable with. Each client is an individual in their own way, and we recognise that. The DVSA recommends approximately 40hrs tuition with a qualified driving instructor with an additional 20hrs private practice. By using these guidelines, "You" the student, has time to acheive the confidence you require to pass your test. Private practice will require you to have Learner Driver Insurance, this type of policy can work towards your no-claims discount if a new policy is taken out after you pass. The more practice, the bettter.

While Learning To Drive, your driving instructor will provide all clients   Incar Theory and Hazard perception support and encourage to prepare early for your test. We also encourage Incar theory questioning to give you a better understanding of why rules and regulations have been put in place. You and your instructor can monitor and develop your learning so when your test date comes, YOU WILL BE READY.

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