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New Driver Course

With the news that learner drivers will be allowed on motorways from 4th June 2018. Navigator Driving School, has developed a course for new drivers to build confidence on all types of roads.
Many new drivers are too afraid to venture out as they are scared to drive on unfamiliar roads or motorways.
Our New Driver Course will help you overcome these fears and help you on the road to new adventures.

New Driver Course

About New Driver Course

Although the course is not mandatory, it's a great way of learning new skills. The course will help you understand the rules of the road and not what you were taught while learning to drive. Navigator Driving School wants you to ultimately drive in a safe manner at all times, within the law.

Your Instructor is a fully qualified Advanced Driver Trainer Diploma holder at Gold standard and a qualified Driver Coach for Driver Experience Days in High Speed Performance Driving.

By the end of the course, you will have achieved:

  • A better understanding of the Highway Code.
  • Confidence to drive on any road.
  • Use of Limit Points and how to read them.
  • Driving on Multilane Carriageways.
  • Driving in City Centres and heavy traffic conditions.
  • A Certificate of completion.

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