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Direct Access Scheme

From January 19th 2013 the qualifying age for Direct Access is 24 years of age. You must have completed both C.B.T. and the motorcycle theory test, then you can take further training and your practical test on a larger bike

About The Direct Access Module 1.

Take the time to watch the short DVSA video to understand what is covered while training for the module 1 part of the riding test. This will allow you to question your instructor on the day of your course.

What You cover on your Module 1 motorcycle test.

You’ll take the module 1 test in an off-road motorcycle manoeuvring area.
The test normally takes about 20 minutes and includes:

  1. wheeling the moped or motorcycle and using the stand
  2. riding a slalom and figure of 8
  3. a slow ride
  4. a U-turn
  5. cornering and a controlled stop
  6. cornering and an emergency stop
  7. cornering and hazard avoidance

About The Direct Access Module 2.

You must pass module 1 before you can take the module 2 test.

You can book both modules at the same time, but if you don’t pass module 1 you must wait 3 working days before you can retake it.

What You cover on your Module 2 motorcycle test.

The module 2 test normally takes about 40 minutes and includes:

  1. an eyesight check
  2. ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions
  3. road riding
  4. independent riding


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